Johgra Beagles

Factor VII

Factor Seven is mild disorder known to Beagles. This is charactised as a condition wihtout sympotoms and in most cases 'affected' dogs remain totaly asymptomatic and have no problems throughout life. Affected dogs MAY show increased bleeding after surgery or trauma. This disease has occured in Beagles for decades and is know in many kennels around the world with most Beagles being carriers or affected.

Dr. Marjory Brooks,Section Director-Comparative Coagulation Section-Animal Health Diagnostic Center Cornell University stated-

"Based on the clinical histories of Factor VII deficient beagles in general, however, they do not appear to have any increased risk of problems when whelping than other beagles. We have also worked with clinicians managing Factor VII deficient beagles that safely underwent routine spay and more complex pyometra (uterine infection) spay procedures without transfusion. So, having frozen plasma available in case of complication would be a good precaution and you should discuss the situation with your veterinarian ahead of time (and I’m happy to share my experience with them."